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Fishing With Jeff

Summer 2024

Jeff Perin has owned the Flyfisher’s Place in Sisters, Oregon, since 1991. He has fished the rivers and lakes of Central Oregon for much longer than that and he knows a thing or two about flyfishing. His weekly fishing reports at are the best in Central Oregon.

This month we'll talk about how to catch and release with care. Handling frisky fish can be a challenge, but there are good practices we can all learn.

We're holding over the series of conversations about the bugs that trout like to eat:  the Stonefly, the Mayfly, the Caddisfly, and what Jeff calls the "Forget-Me-Not" flies--midges, damselflies, leeches, scuds, terrestrials, and more.

The songs featured on Fishing with Jeff—“I’m A-Goin’ Fishin” and “Gone Fishin’ Today”—are by Big Trout Radio and are available on line.

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