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December 2022

An Injury to One is an Injury to All
Corporate Democrats lost this election
Central Oregonizing
Some labor history of the High Desert
with the focus on the sawmills in Bend, Oregon.

A 22-minute youtube produced by Michael Funke in October 2022.
Timber Workers meeting at Liberty Theatre.jpg

Left: Poster for 1919 union meeting in downtown Bend, Oregon.

Right: On strike at Bend's Brooks-Scanlon mill in 1972.

Labor's Key Role in the 2022 Elections

Your Rights at Work, hosted by Chris Garlock and Ed Smith on WPFW 89.3 fm. Broadcast on November 17, 2022.

Poster of the Month


Another great work of art by Ricardo Levins Morales. Order your 2023 calendar now.

“I didn’t join this union to get something out of the union. I joined this union to get something out of the boss.”

—Boris “Red” Block

Secretary-Treasurer, United Electrical Workers (UE), 1985