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Songs of Social significance

The Radical Songbook is guaranteed to entertain and inform you with great songs of social significance by outstanding singer-songwriters.

September 2023

The Radical Songbook Playlist

Songs of Social Significance


  1. Sing Me a Song with Social Significance/ Rebel Voices/

  2. L’Internationale, Len Wallace/

  3. Our Children Are Sacred/ Diana Gameros, Francisco Herrera, Liliana Herrera/

  4. Union Conga/ Al Bradbury/

  5. Just Like Them/ MOsley WOtta/

  6. Days of the Theocracy/ Kristin Lems/

  7. Uppity/ Laura Love/

  8. Dangerous Women/ Colleen Kattau/

  9. Hangin’ On/ Jillian Matundan/

  10. Let’s Build a Wall Around Jesus/ Mike Glick and Generations/

  11. My Vote, My Voice, My Right/ Roy Zimmerman/

  12. Two Good Arms/ Charlie King/

  13. The Ballad of Julie M./ George Mann/

  14. Changemakers/ Crys Matthews/

  15. Rise As One/ Joe Jencks/

  16. We Speak Louder Than Machines/ Lynn Marie Smith/

  17. Come Join Us in a Union Song/ Paul McKenna/

  18. Solidarity Forever/ David Rovics/

  19. Come Along/ Mary Lou Fulton/

The Radical Songbook

Saturdays at 2 pm Pacific time on Pirate Butte Radio

Playlist for September 23, 2023


  1. Sing Me a Song with Social Significance/ Rebel Voices

  2. Time Has Come Today/ The Chambers Brothers

  3. A Wild Woman Sings the Blues: The Life and Music of Barbara Dane/Ian Ruskin, Holly Near, Harry Bridges Project

  4. Sing Our Own Song/ Buffy Sainte-Marie


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