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Songs of Social significance

The Radical Songbook is guaranteed to entertain and inform you with great songs of social significance by outstanding singer-songwriters.

June 2023

The Radical Songbook

June 2023 Playlist

Songs of Social Significance


  1. Sing Me a Song with Social Significance/ Rebel Voices/

  2. Join the GI Movement/ Barbara Dane/

  3. GI Movement/ Holly Near/

  4. FTA Film Trailer/

  5. Hang in There/ Holly Near/

  6. No More Genocide/ Holly Near/

  7. Oh My Beautiful Friends/ Holly Near/

  8. Wedding Song/ Holly Near/

  9. Birthday Children/ Holly Near/

  10. Strong/ Holly Near/

  11. Better Days/ Holly Near/

  12. It’s More Important to Me/ Holly Near/

  13. Oh America/ Holly Near/

  14. Ballad of the Unknown Soldier/ Barbara Dane/

  15. Ballad of Ho Chi Mnh/ Barbara Dane/

  16. Tiern Dan Ta-Lu/ National Ensemble of the Republic of Vietnam/

  17. Hang in There/ Holly Near/

The Original Radical Songbook


Roberta Flack, Jefferson Starship, four mop tops from Liverpool, H.P. Lovecraft, Nina Hagen Whitehorse, the Grateful Dead and Louis Jordan's "Juneteenth Jamboree." It's a great show. Click and listen. It's easy!

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn New Hampshire monument removed.jpg

“The Rebel Girl” Canceled in New Hampshire

If you are traveling through Concord, New Hampshire, you will not find the above historical marker placed in the home town of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn by the city. That’s because rightwingers in state government had it removed just two weeks after it was unveiled, arguing that “The Rebel Girl” was “UnAmerican.” This is unAmerican rightwing cancel culture. You can read all about it at

Here’s Cathy Richardson’s cover of Joe Hill’s 1915 song “The Rebel Girl,” from Bucky Halker’s 2015 CD “Anywhere But Utah: Songs of Joe Hill.”

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