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Songs of Social significance

The Radical Songbook is guaranteed to entertain and inform you with great songs of social significance by outstanding singer-songwriters.

February 2024

The Radical Songbook

Saturdays at 2 pm Pacific time on Pirate Butte Radio

Playlist for February 24, 2024

  1. Sing Me a Song with Social Significance/ Rose Marie Jun

  2. Pirate Jenny/ Nina Simone

  3. Many More Of Us/ Mary Lou Fulton

  4. The House Always Wins/ Grace Petrie

  5. Putin on a Show/ Bill Valenti

  6. We Came in Chains/ Muhammad Ali

  7. Draft resistance and the Vietnam War/ Muhammad Ali

  8. The Louisville Lip/ Freakwater

  9. Muhammad Ali/ Faithless

  10. On refusing induction and getting justice/ Muhammad Ali

  11. Muhammad Ali/ Grupo Hierro

  12. World's Greatest/ R. Kelly

  13. I Ain't Marching Anymore/ Cathy Richardson
  14. Another Country/ Phil Ochs

  15. There But For Fortune/ Phil Ochs

  16. Ringing of Revolution/ Phil Ochs

  17. Love Me, I'm a Liberal/ Phil Ochs

  18. Outside of a Small Circle of Friends/ Phil Ochs

  19. Stars/ Rick Miller

  20. For What It's Worth/ Rick Miller w/ The Love Puppies

  21. The Letter/ The Silver Hammers

  22. Some Kind of Wonderful/ Silver Hammers

  23. The War Drags On/ Donovan

  24. Sky Pilot/ The Animals

  25. Sing Our Own Song/ UB 40


The Radical Songbook is now archived at this link:

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