Songs of Social significance

The Radical Songbook is guaranteed to entertain and inform you with great songs of social significance by outstanding singer-songwriters.


October 2022

The Radical Songbook

Election Edition

October 2022 Playlist

  1. Sing Me a Song with Social Significance/ Rebel Voices/

  2. Changemakers/ Crys Matthews/

  3. My Vote, My Voice, My Right/ Roy Zimmerman/

  4. Be Moderate/ The James Connolly Songs of Freedom Band/

  5. Nobody for President/ ET and the Boy (aka Al Bradbury)/

  6. Congress for Sale/ Bill Valenti/

  7. The Government Gets in/ Oysterband/

  8. Young Republicans in Love/ Rod MacDonald/

  9. Vote Republican/ Roy Zimmerman/

  10. The Red, White and Blue/ Mary Lou Fulton/

  11. Don’t Vote/ Can’t Bitch/ Bill Valenti/

Michael and Nell.jpg

Here's Michael and Nell's 2022 rendition of

Steve Goodman's Election Year Rag

The Original Radical Songbook

  1. Sing Me a Song with Social Significance/ Rose Marie Jun

  2. Blowing in the Wind/ The New World Singers

  3. Little Boxes/ Malvina Reynolds

  4. Carry It On/ Len Chandler and the Broadside Singers

  5. Talkin’ John Birch Society Blues/ Bob Dylan

  6. Links in a Chain/ Phil Ochs

  7. Baby I’ve Been Thinking/ Blind Girl Grunt

  8. We’ll Never Turn Back/ The SNCC Freedom Singers

  9. Birmingham Sunday/ Richard Farina

  10. Welcome, Welcome Emigrantes/ Buffy Saint-Marie and the Broadside Singers

  11. Mississippi Goddam/ Nina Simone

  12. As Long as the Grass Shall Grow/ Peter LaFarge

  13. A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall/ Pete Seeger

  14. The Migrant’s Song/ Danny Valdez and Augusta Lira

  15. El Picket Sign, El Teatro Campesino

  16. The Cities Are Burning/ Rev. Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick & Jim Collier

  17. Ain’t That News/ Tom Paxton and the Broadside Singers

  18. Sing Our Own Song/ UB 40