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Songs of Social significance

The Radical Songbook is guaranteed to entertain and inform you with great songs of social significance by outstanding singer-songwriters.

January 2023

"Insurrection Song" by Grant Peeples...never forget

Here's a great comment by Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes: “I use the words ‘Maga fascists’ because it’s the truth. These people are not Grand Old Party Republicans; they are Maga fascists. There is no reason for me to call them by anything other than what they are. If they feel a little sensitive about that, then maybe they ought to reconsider their position vis-a-vis American democracy and stop acting like fascists.”

Radical Songbook Playlist

January 2023


  1. Sing Me a Song with Social Significance/ Rebel Voices/

  2. Reuben, Oh Reuben/ Hubby Jenkins/

  3. Corrine/ Hubby Jenkins/

  4. Little Log Cabin in the Lane/ Hubby Jenkins

  5. Who Got Killed?/ Hubby Jenkins

  6. Jonah in the Wilderness/ Hubby Jenkins

  7. I Must Be Blind, I Cannot See/ Hubby Jenkins

  8. I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole/ Hubby Jenkins

  9. Runnin’ Away/ Hubby Jenkins

The Original Radical Songbook

Mike Ficher of the Ultimate Oldies Show joins me as we listen to and talk about some of the important integrated rock bands of the late 1960s.

Rebel Voices in concert with Charlie King

Sunday, January 22, 2023

         4:00pm pacific time / 7:00pm eastern

Charlie King is a musical storyteller and political satirist.  He has been at the heart of American folk music for over half a century.  He is one of the luminaries of the world of music and activism.  And we are very proud to have shared many miles and many stages with him.  We agree with Pete Seeger: Charlie is “one of the finest singers and songwriters of our time”


Susan Lewis and Janet Stecher are the singing duo Rebel Voices. Their provocative repertoire combines political punch and wry wit with intricate harmony and dramatic flair. This powerful and inspiring duo promises an evening of thought provoking, and reaffirming music to lift the spirit and prick the conscience

Here is a link to Charlie’s site ( for more info about him and an eventual link to buy tickets for January 22.  That will get you a link to the Zoom platform for the livestream concert with Charlie in Massachusetts and Rebel Voices in Seattle. Available levels of support are $10 and $20. 

Because of a Song

An Archival Gallery


Every social change movement has a music. This flowering of Women’s Music did not come simply as a search for lesbian romance and beautiful harmony, although that would have been reason enough. It exploded out of a deep-rooted need to combat homophobia and sexism and to build safe community. The performers reflected back to the audience women as real people—an honest, authentic expression of woman identification—how women saw themselves as feminists and lesbian feminists—something they had not been able to do in the mainstream music industry at that time.  (from the website)

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